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Motives of beach-water-polo

Why did we organize beach-water-polo?

Where did the department of water-polo of the Berlin deaf sports club 1900 e.V. get the idea for an international beach-water-polo tournament (a new kind of sport).

A video on YouTube and Facebook of the hungarian water polo player Zsolt, caught our attention. In the video Zsolt says that he hopes that this new kind of sport “beach-water-polo” will be part of the deafolympics in 2017. It wont be possible this year, because the time is too short.In this kind of sport only 4 players plus 2 substitutes are needed instead of 7 and 5 substitute players. The duration of the game is shorter and the field is smaller. It would be great if women would also participate.

And he asks for the support for this kind of sport, bring it out to the world and find enthusiastic supporters. That`s why we ask you, to please share the video and spread the information to all your friends, clubs and so on. Because of the lack of participants/teams, the sport water polo has been cancelled from the deafolympics and the european championships. Zsolt and ourselves hope that beach-water-polo is a good alternative. Due to the cancellation of water polo at the olympics, the motivation of the water polo clubs in different cities and countries has been down.

With this new sport beach-water-polo, we try to build up the motivation again and want to find young players by minimizing the teams and shortening the duration of the game. But we, as a sports club, won`t be able to spread and develop this new sport on our own, therefore we need the support of your clubs. Because we are strong together. So, get to Berlin to the international beach-water-polo cup!


Witty video of Zsolt Pet -Plaszkó