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Greeting from the department water polo of the Berlin Deaf Sports Club 1900 e.V.

Marco Grund-Bräcker

Dear friends of water polo,

we are very happy to invite you to the 1. international beach-water-polo tournament in Berlin, a special sports event. The focus of this event will be inclusion. Thanks to the support of the senate department, this event will be made possible. We would be very thrilled, if a lot of teams would participate.

Maybe you`re asking yourself what inclusion means. Inclusion means: Every person is given the opportunity to participate completely and equally in all social processes, in fact , they will participate from the beginning , irrespective from individual abilities, ethnic or social background, gender or age.

The inclusion in sport is a topic of human rights according to the UN- Conventions on the Rights of persons with Disabilities article 30.

First of all we want to point out, that we didn’t organize the international beach-water-polo tournament just for our club, but for all water polo- and leisure sports clubs. At present , membership numbers in this sport are going down, maybe because it is one of the hardest sports. In addition to that, this kind of sport is not easy to practice or rather to learn. Requirements to participate are good swimming abilities. And a lot of people find the two practice units , consisting of swimming and water polo, very time consuming. The Berlin Deaf Sports Club 1900 e.V. founded the new line “water polo” in 1925 , and had to work a while to make the society accept it. Because of the down going membership numbers and not enough young sportsmen , water polo is at the edge of it`s existence. We think, that with the new sport “ beach-water-polo” we can revive the interest. Therefore the sports clubs could once again attract young sportsmen and new members. Because beach-waterpolo like water polo is a team sport , we depend on the support of the other water polo- and leisure sports clubs.

That`s why we shout out: The more the clubs work together and the stronger the cohesion , the bigger the probability to save water polo as a kind of sport.

We would be thrilled about your clubs participation.

Last but not least , in the name of the committee of the Berlin Deaf Sports Club 1900 e.V. , we wish you an exiting , injury free and fair course and goal filled games .

With sporting regards

Berlin Deaf Sports Club 1900 e.V.