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International Beach-Waterpolo cup - Reservation

We would like to participate in the international beach-water-polo cup according to the
announcement, and hereby want to register my team with the following participants.

sur- / name*
postal code* / city*
List of participants: Please enter the full name!
player 1*
player 2*
player 3*
player 4*
player 5
player 6

Please also register all substitute players.

* We have read the announcement and the conditions of participation, of the international beachwater-
polo tournament on the 21. and 22. of September 2018 and hereby expressly accept them.
We will transfer the admission fee of 100,00 € per team shortly onto the account indicated in the
announcement. We realize that we will get the confirmation of participation after the payment has
been registered, and therefore won`t make a claim for participation.


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