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The Berlin deaf sports club , more than a century


Berlin deaf-mute swimming-club

The berlin deaf swimming club was founded originally in 1900, by the name of “Berlin deaf-mute swimming-club”.

Berlin deaf-mute swimming-club

Water polo

In 1925 the water polo department was founded. Quickly the deaf water polo players had a good position against the hearing teams in league games. The first deaf -game against the deaf-sports club Leipzig, on May 30th 1930, was lost 2:5. In the first international deaf-competition, on the 21. of August 1937 in Budapest against Hungary, the berlin team won 9:1. After the re founding of the BTSV 1900 , the BTSV-ladies had two friendly games against the ladies of the Hamburg deaf-sports-club in the hanseatic town and won 13:3 in total.

1906 Alfred Pringal the diver king middle with the Order   1928 The glorious water polo

The Berlin team won in the german deaf-water-polo-championchips repeatedly and were champions in 1972, 1973, 1975 till 1979 and 1984 till 1999 and german deaf-cup-champions in 1972, 1974, 1977 till 1980, 1984 till 1986, 1988 till 1990 and 1999.

DGM 1972 in Berlin-Schöneberg swimming pool   1978 DGM in Dusseldorf

With there countless achievements, the Berlin players are the kings in all the water pools and known throughout Europe. A couple of players of the german deaf-sports-club, who won the bronze medal at the deaf-world-championchips in Helsinki 1961, in Bukarest 1977 and in Cologne 1981, were from Berlin.

1997 DGM in Göttingen 1st place

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